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Puppy Bonds

Power Paws
Assistance Dogs, Inc.

‘Bone-ified’ Offer



Power Paws Assistance Dogs, Inc. (Power Paws) is a nonprofit, 501(c) 3 organization located in Scottsdale, Arizona. The product we offer can be described in one word: Empowerment. For any individual who has ever encountered difficulty getting around by wheelchair or lacked the ability to pick-up a dropped credit card, the addition of an assistance dog in their life results in the power to accomplish tasks that many people take for granted. The power to live a productive life is the opportunity Power Paws offers.

Through placement, volunteer and education programs, Power Paws touches the lives of hundreds of people. Over 420,000 people in the state of Arizona report a disability. As the population continues to increase and age, the number of people with disabilities and the need for assistance dogs will also increase. Critical to our mission is our ability to raise and train our dogs to the highest standards necessary to ensure successful working dog teams.

Your purchase of Puppy Bonds will help provide the financial support so vital to fulfilling our mission. As an investor, you help guarantee that our 11+ year record of accomplishments will continue to grow. You make a sound social investment that will create meaningful returns for people with disabilities, as well as yourself, your family and your community.

The mission of Power Paws is to provide highly skilled assistance dogs to children and adults with disabilities, to provide education and ongoing support for working assistance dog teams and to be a resource in the community for people with disabilities.



A child with Type 1 Diabetes is now able to sleep over his friend’s house with peace of mind knowing that his Diabetic Alert Dog will alert him to a change in blood sugar levels.

A woman with hearing impairment has regained a sense of security because her hearing dog alerts her to the sounds of a smoke detector or burglar alarm.

A young man was not able to dress himself without the help of his mother, now has privacy with his assistance dog helping him with his clothing.

A woman with Type 1 Diabetes has resumed driving to work now that her Diabetic Alert Dog sits by her side and alerts her in advance to rapid changes in her blood sugar levels.

A man who is paraplegic has his assistance dog help him navigate around the shopping mall in order to buy his wife a birthday present.



You should carefully consider the risks and uncertainties described below before purchasing our Puppy Bonds.

You may experience guilt if you do not subscribe to this Offering Pawspectus to your full capability.

Your enthusiasm for Power Paws’ good works will be highly contagious and may spread uncontrollably to family, friends and co-workers.

Your financial support may lead to further involvement with Power Paws such as volunteering as a puppy petter or puppy raiser.

You may become addicted to the gratification you feel by helping people with disabilities lead more independent lives.



Puppy Bonds are priced at $50 each. Management reserves the right to issue additional bonds to meet extra demand.

Daily emotional dividends are anticipated and may be declared at the discretion of the bondholder anytime after the date of purchase.
Bonds will be issued in certificate form and delivered to the purchaser within 15 days of receipt of payment. Click to purchase: Buy Now!





As a holder of Puppy Bonds, you will fetch consistent, constant, emotional dividends…Power Paws will work tirelessly to retrieve the greatest return on your investment, albeit most likely in the payout of a wet puppy kiss or unending tail-wagging and the satisfaction that someone’s life has been changed for the good because of your investment in Puppy Bonds.

Led by a locally based staff, Power Paws is committed to identifying and meeting the assistance dog needs of our community and to meet or exceed our clients’ expectations of support and service.

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