Breeder Caretakers

What is a Breeder Caretaker?

These wonderful volunteers house and care for our breeder dogs that have been selected for our breeding program.

What Does it Take to be a Breeder Caretaker?

  • Breeder Caretakers can be individuals or families.
  • They must live in a house with a fenced yard.
  • You must take the dog to one class per month. Power Paws offers three training classes a week.
  • The dog is not to be allowed on any furniture.
  • Absolutely no table scraps or “people food” is to be given to the dog.
  • Raisers must live in the Phoenix Metropolitan area.

What’s the Process in Becoming a Breeder Caretaker?

All first-time applicants must complete the following forms:

All first-time applicants must have an in-home interview before a dog is placed.

All volunteers must go through Volunteer Orientation.

What Do I Do as a Breeder Caretaker?

As a Breeder Caretaker, you are responsible for maintaining a safe and loving environment for our breeder dog.  It is your responsibility to attend one training class per month. During these classes, we focus on response to commands, response to social situations (being around other dogs and people) and answering questions you may have about the dog.

You are financially responsible for dog food, toys, treats and minor veterinary care (up to $500/incident). All assistance dog raising/training expenses incurred as a Breeder Caretaker are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law